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Damir Krešić presented Rooms to VET project at the third National Forum for Family Accommodation (FOS), which was held in Zadar, from 15 to 17 November, 2016. The FOS forum brings together some 1,500 representatives of family accommodations from all over Croatia - becoming a meeting place for providers of tourist services in households, and for Croatian producers and suppliers of products and services for family accommodations.

Rooms to VET project present at the International Tourism and Hospitality Management Conference (ITHMC 2016) held on 12-16 October 2016 in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)!
The conference was organized by the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo, Akdeniz University and Zenith Group Sarajevo.

Dr. Igor Jurinčič from the Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica, partner in Rooms to VET project, presented the key findings of the extensive research carried out in 5  EU countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Spain) in the frame of the Rooms to VET project to a multidisciplinary audience consisted of leading academic scientists, researchers and relevant stakeholders, in view of enriching and  contributing to the exchange of views, experiences, ideas and applications about all the aspects of Tourism Science and Hospitality Management.

Project partners will meet again in October 2016, in Portorož, Slovenia, to discuss the results of the research elaborated so far on the training needs, skills and competences of private tourism accommodations providers and the development of the actual content of the Rooms to VET prospective educational material. More to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Rooms to VET present at the 2-day Athens#JobFestival 2016 at the panel on "New trends and developments in the tourism sector - Opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship"!
The 2-day forum was organized by the renowned Greek online job platform ‘Skywalker’, in Athens, Greece, in 24 & 25 September 2016.
The R2V project stirred the discussion and a heated debate on the challenges faced by private tourism accommodation services in Greece. The project online publication of best practices, their success stories and lessons learnt attracted the attention of participants (more than 70 at the panel and 2,000 at the 2-day Forum) showing great interest to the e-learning platform to come.
The project was presented by Katerina Vasileiou, EU Affairs Project Manager @ Rooms to VET Greek project partner Militos

The Rooms to VET online publication of best practices on private tourism accommodation services and learning practices in this sector in 5 European countries (Croatia, Greece, Spain, Cyrus, Slovenia) is now available onto the Rooms to VET database! The practices have been chosen on the basis of specific criteria, such as quality of services and certification, target market, online visibility, use of ICT tools, etc. as for the accommodations and the themes addressed as for the learning practices. Join our effort to enrich our collection of best practices and submit or suggest a best practice in this respect by filling in the respective template!

More than 50 experts in the field of tourism and related services, including in VET and policy-making in tourism, tourism consulting, social media, researchers and representatives of tourism accommodations' aggregators and databases, participated in the focus groups organized in 5 project partner countries (Croatia, Greece, Spain, Cyrus, Slovenia) in months May and June 2016 and exchanged views and ideas on the challenges of private tourism accommodation services, the core training needs in the sector and the project prospective educational material and thematics. Those findings will feed into the development of the Rooms to VET training programme in English, Croatian, Spanish, Greek and Slovenian.

The 2nd project meeting was kindly hosted by local partner ITC - Innovation Training Center in Palma de Mallorca. Partners discussed on the needs analysis to be undertaken at national level in view of specifying the tourism providers’ core training needs, skills and competences across Europe, the online best practices publication, as well as the theoretical framework of the project prospective training programme. They also agreed on management issues and scheduled the next steps of the project.

Rooms to VET project produces its first results! The “Study on “tourism accommodations: state-of-the-art, challenges and prospects for development” providing an extensive market analysis of the area of private tourism accommodations at project partner countries, the existing legal frameworks regulating this type of services as well as the existing policies and initiatives for professionalization of such services in 5 European countries (Croatia, Greece, Spain, Cyrus, Slovenia) is now available onto the RoomstoVET online database launched! The study provides a common understanding of the sector in project partner countries and the EU and those findings will feed into the shaping of the content of the Rooms to VET learning and training material to be developed.

The Rooms to VET kick-off meeting was hosted by the project leader Institute for Tourism in Zagreb, Croatia. Partners presented their organisations, discussed the details of the project implementation, agreed on the overall planning and elaborated on the guidelines for the first steps, namely the research and best practices identification related to private tourism accommodation in the target countries.

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